Sunday, August 12, 2007

Stitch n Pitch 2007

Last night we attended the annual Stitch n Pitch event at US Cellular Field. I love the atmosphere of a baseball game..... I don't really watch the game though, so knitting and socializing was a nice distraction. Oh, so was the beer. I did some work on a piece of coral that I'm really happy with.

Here are some of the members of our SnB group! Becky, Kristen, and me! We also met some knitters from the Oak Park SnB. I hope they come to visit us at the Heartland Cafe some time soon.

He learned to do "what" in prison???

We dragged some of the boys along with us. They didn't complain.
The elusive Kaity... who knits, sort of
Then we went to an art show in Pilsen where Kristen unfortunately stubbed her toe very badly..... There's nothing paper towel and hot pink masking tape can't fix!

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