Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Transformations

Today is Halloween, so first of all, happy spooky fun and safe Halloween to you and yours. On Sunday we started watching all of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. One per day. Elvis was inspired to dress as Freddy Krueger today. Monkey decided she didn't need a costume since she is already a black cat, so here there are, all ready for trick or treating.

Another big event: today was my last day as an underpaid artist's assistant! Woo hoo! I'm taking a long weekend and then I get to start my new grown-up job with decent pay and benefits. I think I have waited long enough for this. All those months of not being able to do all of the things that normal people should be entitled to.... it has really made me appreciate everything. And all of the help we received from our parents when things went wrong - we definitely would not have made it without that. Plus now that I know how to live on a tight budget it's SAVE SAVE SAVE for a house or a wedding or a trip or pay off student loans... something to that effect.

In honor of Halloween AND my last day at Judy Lichtenstein Designs we had a FEAST. We ordered falafel from Cafe Orchid. Laura, who is awesome and is taking over my job, made these lovely cupcakes (see below), and I made SNICKERDOODLES!

You may also have noticed some changes to my blog. In the beginning I thought I would have two blogs: one for the day to day, and one for knitting. But then I realized that knitting is day to day for me... plus everyone else has co-mingled their general blog entries with knitting blog entries so why can't I? Sarah Sue Magoo, will remain a knit only blog, but you will see Knit-Talk on the beeline blog as well... just a head's up...

I found this photo online. This isn't Rosie but this what I think Rosie should be for Halloween. SOOO CUTE!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It Really Is Fall!

Gone are the days like these - of open windows in our apartment. It finally feels like fall. All of the leaves are turning and falling. The past few days have been really pleasant with highs around 60, but some of the nights are downright chilly - especially before the heat came on last weekend.

I've been doing a lot of cooking, too. I've made apple crumble, turkey meatloaf, mashed sweet potatoes, Steve cooked a pork loin (not all in the same day, though) and tonight we had spaghetti squash with pesto and sundried tomatoes. Tomorrow I'm going to make snickerdoodles!!!

I'm still able to get in some bike riding these days. This is the milk crate I snagged as a boot to put all of my things in.... except it's important to make sure that the knitting needles are pointing toward the back, so they don't poke me in the rear whilst riding.... has happened a couple of times.
Now for some cat pictures! This is Elvis and Monkey checking their email.....

This is a bed that we bought for them... called the mysterious kuddler.... however I've yet to find out why it's so mysterious. Maybe it's because I've only seen Monkey in it twice and once Elvis got in but that's only because he was playing with something in it. They always seem to take a while to warm up to things we buy for them.

Almost every weekend has some home improvement time involved. This is just one of our new ikea shelves, i.e. cat cubicles. No really - it now houses my records and my yarn and knitting supplies.

We also put up new blinds and curtains in the living room. Eeeekk! Look at that couch! I wish this were only it's Halloween costume. I know I know - I'm getting on that cover thing. I promise!!!! I have 2 days off this week which I hope to devote some time to covering the couch.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I think Kristen said it best when she posted her entry, so I'm just going to be lazy and quote her:

She's got the biggest, balls of them all! quote a fabulous old AC/DC song....oh, am I dating myself???

The MCA (Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art) hosts a Stitch N Bitch "party" (as they call it, not us) once a month free every 3rd Tuesday. Tonight Sarah & I met there and hung out for about an hour or so knitting with some new peeps and having a beer.

There was a local artist, Pate Conaway, who knits with gigantic needles and gigantic cotton "yarn" was pretty entertaining to see....very cool. We were total dorks and took our picture with him to post on our knitting blog...

Wow, as Sarah put it, "we're knitting groupies"....I could just die....

check out the eyeball wallpaper.... that s***t creeps me out, man.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Annie's Song

Our final trip in August took us to Colorado Springs where my dear friend Annie Miller (now Easterling) was married and asked me to be a part of the ceremony.

We had a fabulous time and it's always great to catch up with the Miller family, who were my second family in high school.... even though Pam and I chat regularly online! We're knitting buddies, of course.

I'm so happy for Annie and Josh. They are a perfect pair: best friends and partners in life. Everytime I look at the photos I find myself tearing up again.

These are just some of the highlights, but the rest can be seen by clicking here.

This is my "hand-colored" photo. I love taking wedding photos.

Getting ready for the ceremony

Lacey, Annie, and Pam

the kiss!

Steve in the Garden of the Gods

a mountain goat

a rattlesnake

I love digital photography!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Time Travelling

There were several weeks after we moved when I didn't have time to blog. Had I found the time, I would have posted these photos from some of our August trips.

First, we rode the megabus to Minneapolis for a long weekend. We stayed at Bryce's house. This is his cat, Koffi, peeking out of the screen door.

Here is Tulip snuggling in her bed.

We also attended Dawn and Dave's wedding.

This is Dawn in her wedding gown. Click here to see more Minneapolis photos

I had a lot of free knitting time that weekend so this is the progress I made on my cardigan. This is one of the first things I've designed myself from complete scratch. It's not based on any type of pattern, just my own measurements. A lot of the time I will take a pattern, and change the yarn completely (requiring a lot of math) and add some other embellishments. I just hate making something that looks exactly like the photo in the pattern.

Well, the cardigan is finished, and I had Steve photograph me wearing it yesterday so more on that soon!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

officially dinks

That's right! Steve and I are officially dinks - dual income no kids. Northwestern has asked me to become a part of their Digital Media Services team, specifically working in the Visual Media Collection scanning and retouching images such as the one you see here. Who knew Manet could create such beautiful etchings of Monkey and Elvis!?!

Now that I will be earning a normal living like a normal person (i.e. above the poverty level) I will be able to afford luxuries such as: saving money, possibly flying on an airplane, sleeping in a real bed, buying myself an article of clothing at Salvation Army or maybe even Target. Woo hoo! Target clothes - we are moving up in this world.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekend Shmeekend

We all had high hopes for this weekend. The coral reef openend, my mom and sister were coming into town to see it and maybe we would do a little shopping. Bryce and Christy were also in town for a wedding so we were able to play wii and eat indian food. Then it all went down the tubes. My poor mom had a migraine Saturday morning that was not responding to any medication even after I called her doc at home to send a Rx over to my local walgreens for more meds. I was late picking my sister up from the train and the bathroom radiator was spewing hot water and steam (Steve took care of that). After retreiving Catherine from Union Station we spent much of the afternoon in the ER with Mom. They fixed her up... but she was still very groggy for the remainder of the evening. Steve and Catherine and I had sushi and watched movies.

Today I thought we would finally make it down to the reef but it didn't happen. I think Mom just needed to go home.

I'm exhausted but the highlight of the weekend was definitely a free ticket to see Jersey Boys this evening!!!! THANKS SUMI! It was such a great show and I definitely have a better appreciation for Franki Valli and the Four Seasons. Guess what? Frankie Valli and Bob Gaudio were in the audience, and went up on stage and the end. (It was press night) Very fun!

I think I may actually get to ride my bike a little this week.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Hyperbolic Coral Reef opening reception

Well, the Crochet Coral Reef project is coming to a close. And the opening reception is TONIGHT at the cultural center from 6-8 with a lecture at 5:30. The events will take place on the second floor in the Chicago Rooms.

Even though the exhibition is up, there will be workshops going on Thursdays at noon for the duration of the show. October 13th to December 16th.

This photo is of one of the double-stitch twins ( I think this is Erika... stitching together part of the Chicago Reef.

You can see more of my photos by going to my picasa album:

There is also more information about the project on the following websites:

This is a photo of one of the artists who are contributing to the show: Inga Hamilton. Her blog can be found at:

Hope to see you there!