Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Our New Home

To most this may look like a room full of trash. Indeed it is my lovely new bedroom, and those hefty sacks contain mine and Steve's clothing. We have enough threads to clothe an army! Do you think we need to deny our pack-rat tendencies and part with a few things???? Hhmmmmm.....

So we arrived on Saturday after a HUGE amount of help from several kind-hearted individuals... most of them pictured below for your viewing pleasure (mind you, this is after a full morning/early afternoon of moving, and we are having lunch at the Fluffy Turtle - a new little cafe on Claremont north of Devon.)

George & Mary - Thank you! Here is Steve. He's tired.
This is me. I'm stinky.
My Mommy helped us too!
Also a BIG thank you goes out to Rusty and John who brought their big box truck AND helped us load all of our crap into it! What great friends we have! Stephanie and "Muscle-man" Erik were also very instrumental in the speediness of the initial huge truck load.

Now for the grand tour..... Here is a view from the dining room to the living room.
(ooo's and aaahh's at the lack of seafoam green)
Elvis was extremely exhausted on Sunday.... First he had his first car ride as an adult cat on Saturday evening (where Monkey vomited in her cage when we were only 1 block away from the end of our 2mile journey), then he spent the whole night in the apartment exploring, and his Sunday morning was totally devoted to bird watching and squirrel hunting via the BEAUTIFUL East facing windows of our living room. (After all that - he pooped! ha ha private joke)
The aforementioned windows....
more windows....
... do they ever stop?????
yet another window in the apartment, only stained glass this time and there are TWO OF THEM!
The dining room from the living room. Everything seems to have found it's natural place and I think we will leave it this way forever ;)
The kitchen, complete with a faux brick splashboard behind the sink and stove and REAL wood paneling. This is my cabin-up-north-esque sanctuary.... the paneling reminds me of living at Camille's house and the brick reminds me of my Dad's house.
Steve's new studio a.k.a. bedroom #2

That's it for now.... We hope to get more things set up after our trip to Colorado for Annie's wedding this weekend! But before that, there is still a lot to do... various odds and ends at the old apt (turtle, artwork, etc.) and also at the old studio.

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