Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Cold Spring

Today and over the next couple of days the temperature will hover around freezing. We awoke this morning to a faint dusting of snow on the ground. March 24th. How irritated I was with the weather. And then I thought of something.

A memory.

A tiny, urban, postage-stamp-size back yard that was a wild forest to a small girl.

The promise of a birthday, Easter bunnies, jelly beans, and fluffy, white coconut cake.

A delicate and deep amethyst colored crocus thrust up from the earth, surrounded by a mound of fluffy, white snow.

I'm looking forward to new beginnings this season. My garden. Spring at Francisco Nyktas. And turning 30 soon....

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I just wanted to note all of the lovely things that have made this evening:

* Knitting with some of my favorite ladies at my new LYS Windy Knitty (check it out!) It was their first day of business. Afterward, pizza and tea with sweet Ms. McMillan.

* Husband bought me some early bday gifts - camping supplies for our upcoming camping trip.

* The weather is promising to be more spring-like this week. I loved the little tiny drops of rain that were falling on me as I walked up my street.

* When I arrived home there were more surprises! Erin sent me David Lebovitz's Ice Cream book!!! I can't wait to make more ice cream.

* I received my asparagus and strawberry roots from Kroehne Plant Farm in Michigan.

* My cousin sent me a photo of her baby wearing the booties I knitted. I love love love when I get to see people wearing things I made for them.

* One of my turnip seeds has sprouted.

Tonight I'll be counting my blessings instead of sheep.