Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Christine's Baby Booties

Someone on Knitlist brought these to our attention.... They go well with the baby surprise jacket and the pattern can be found at this link:


Someone else also asked about my bootie pattern shown here and here on my blog. It is actually just your basic sock pattern, sized down to fit a baby, using dk or worsted weight yarn. Changing yarn and needle size will change the size of the baby it will fit. I've heard they stay on! But I'm not so sure since I don't have a baby.

I just got back from vacation and I'm moving in 5 days!!! (I know, who goes on vacation right before they move??? but I did) and I haven't even really started packing yet, so it's time to get my butt into gear. Then if I have some free time I will possibly post my little bootie pattern.

I think I may try Christine's booties to go with the baby surprise jackets, for the next two babies.

Until next time....

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