Saturday, August 11, 2007

August Adventures

August will prove to be a hectic month for us. We have three trips planned to three different states, and we're moving into our new apartment between travelling. Last weekend we rode the megabus (my first time) to Columbus, Ohio to visit Steve's family and celebrate the 2nd birthdays of both our neice and nephew. I do not recommend riding the bus overnight... but in general it was fine - very clean and very cheap! Just what we needed!

Here are some... er... a lot of photos from the birthday party, which was also for Carly's other cousins, Henry and Nick - so many birthdays! There are no photos of me since I was behind the camera pretty much the whole time. The kids must be used to having a lense shoved in their faces at this point.... they might even think the camera is an extension of my head! Good times were had by all, and in the evening, all the adults went for a Picnic with the Pops where we enjoyed some classical tunes played by the Columbus Symphony Orchestra and the famous OSU marching band. Very good. Anyone who wants me to share these photos (and more!) on or just shoot me an email.

We had lots of helium balloons, candy, cupcakes, home made ice cream, hamburgers, hot dogs, and lemonade!! Did I mention balloons???

Blowpops were all the rage!
Then came the balloon fight

You mean the party is over??????

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