Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pretty Kitties

August is a month often tagged the "dog days" of summer. The temperature and humidity can be quite uncomfortable. We've been worshiping our little air conditioner, which provides us with the luxury of a controlled environment. (Thanks again, Dad!!!) I've still managed to keep up my cycling and walking routine through the heat... I even exercised BOTH days this weekend!!!
Here's a couple of cool cats to help everyone get through their day.
We recently bought a bag of catnip at an organic pet supply store that had a little hemp rope cat toy inside of it, absorbing the cat nip odors. It resembles a dog's rope toy though on a smaller scale. Just before I took these photos Monkey had been sleeping with the rope under her chin!!! Of course when I got the camera all ready she moved, but you can see it under her paw. Dad, I knew you'd get a kick out of this.

This photo shows the closest they get to snuggling without trying to kill eachother.

In addition to taking cat photos all day....just kidding :) we also attended a White Sox game for an event called "Stitch n Pitch". Have a look on my knitting blog for details. Also getting ready to start packing. I collected a load of boxes from our local grocery store. Elvis thinks they are all gifts for him.

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