Thursday, November 27, 2008

Slinky Cat

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Last night we made the journey from Chicago to my mom's countryside home in rural Michigan. A frosty layer of snow has coated the grass and the porch and we are cozy inside. Mom and Ed are preparing the bird! And Steve's mom is on her way up. Soon they will meet.... it should go well. I'm so thankful to have a great future mother-in-law. My mom is really excited to meet her.

I brought some bridesmaid dresses for Catherine to try on and she liked one of them! But that will remain a secret to all except the parties involved.

And now for a video of a silly slinky cat who looks just like Elvis! Thanks to Little Grey Bungalow for bringing this to my attention. Elvis is also one who loves to slide around on his side and back... he's very creative.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Prayers for my Dad and his Best Friend, Dave

Hi Everyone. Some of you may already know this, but I just wanted to send out an email to all of you so you are informed and updated. *Scroll to the bottom of this entry for the latest updates.

On Wednesday my dad was involved in a hunting accident. Everyone is alive, but my dad's best friend Dave was badly injured. My dad's gun discharged while he was not touching it, hitting Dave in the thigh while they were duck hunting on a small lake in Michigan. It is hard to comprehend this accident happening to someone like my dad who has hunted his entire life and takes ALL precautions in hunting situations. My dad was able to call 911 and get him to the campground on the other side of the lake so the ambulance could take him to a helicopter, which then transported him to St Vincent's in Toledo. If you have any questions please contact me or my sister.

Please keep Dave and my dad (Bruce) in your thoughts and prayers. Let's hope that Dave can make a speedy recovery. Also, my dad is very upset and is having a hard time dealing with this, as you can imagine. Hunting is an important part of his life and I hope it will still be that way. Here is a photo I found of my dad and Catherine with their ducks and Rosie, their helper. I could not find a photo of Dave, but I will see if Catherine can find one at home.

*UPDATE 11-21-08 After another surgery it looks like they will have to amputate. There are many family and friends at the hospital spending time with Dave. I think everyone is just thankful that he is alive. Please keep the prayers coming.

*UPDATE 11-24-08 9:34am
Dave is going into surgery right now and they are going to take the leg. Not sure how long it will take.

*UPDATE 11-24-08 3:51pm
Dave's surgery went well this morning and the doctors didn't have to remove as much as they anticipated, which may allow him to have a prosthetic. Let's hope everything goes up from here.

*UPDATE 11-25-08 6:26pm
Our prayers and good thoughts are working! I spoke with my dad this evening and he said Dave is doing great. "Almost 100% better than yesterday", he said. The meds are making him feel a little ill so he hasn't been able to eat much yet, but he's started doing some physical activities.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend Chat

Let's talk about weekends.

When I was a kid it seemed like weekends were a time for staying home and helping Mom and Dad do chores around the house or in the yard, but with an ample amount of time for watching tv, playing with Barbie (or whatever it was at the time), sleeping in late, and eating lots of home cooked food.

Well I don't know what has gotten into me now that I am adult, but it seems like there have been major things going on every weekend. For a while there, we were having a little too much active-exhausting-fun time and not enough down time. Our friends asked us to come over for dinner and we had to schedule for a whole month later!!! And Hotel de la Ellis Nyktas was in full swing (they have great rates), but is now closed for renovations.

In September we took two trips: one to Cincinnati for Labor Day weekend, and one to Kentucky for a wedding, however I took a detour to Michigan for one night. Two weeks later we had family visiting.

Two weeks after THAT George and Mary drove into Chicago for a conference and they let us use their Subaru (b/c ours is old) the next day to drive Steve's art work all the way to freakin' Baltimore. And then drove back to Chicago the following day. (See photo above) Boy was that an adventure. George and Mary stayed with us for two more days and a mere twelve hours later we were visiting with Bryce and Christy who needed a place to stay in between trips.

These November weekends have been reclaimed by the original concept of the weekend and are devoted to lazing around the apartment, as well as being productive at home, and hanging out with local pals. Such as Myles and Jennifer! Myles is the first baby I've seen wearing one of the sweaters I've made! We walked around and went to the park and then we all went out for Indian food.

Myles Conrad wearing the BSJ in Noro. AND a hat knitted by his mom, Jennifer!

When Steve flew back to Baltimore for his show opening I stayed here and got some major cleaning and knitting done. (p.s. i really need to talk about my knitting, but I haven't been able to because everything I'm working on right now is a SURPRISE!!!) I've had the chance to catch up on some shut-eye, which I desperately needed. I started recycling, woot woot! Got some wedding stuff organized. And yesterday I went shopping by myself for my bridesmaids dresses to see what I liked.... I just hope my girls like what I've picked out....

Additionally, we've clocked in a decent number of tv hours. We recently started watching Lost and Pushing Daisies, and are getting up to speed with Dexter. Oh and MAD MEN! That show is great. Steve is into 24 and Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles, but I just "watch" them because it's good knitting time for me. I love the knit sightings in Pushing Daisies... both in the cute sweaters that the lead female wears as well as the detective's act of knitting as a hobby. Love it!

I can't believe the holidays are creeping up so quickly.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Join the Impact

This blog is definitely a journal of sorts, and a way that I have been sharing my life with my friends and family who are hundreds of miles away from me. I have tried to keep this blog in neutral territory but there are certain issues that are important to me, so I feel they must be discussed, especially at this moment in time. Please keep reading...

Last week several states voted YES on a banning gay marriage - otherwise known as Prop 8 or Proposition Hate. I feel that this choice to eliminate the rights of many American citizens is a severe regression for our country. And it was a choice many people made based on fear and a lack of knowledge.

Now I was raised in the Catholic Church where we were taught that being gay was wrong and a pretty serious sin. I even had several friends in high school who were gay and lesbian, and even though I thought they were "wrong" I maintained close friendships with them. And let me tell you, Hudson, MI (population 2,500) is not as easy place to be openly homosexual. My feelings were not based on fear, I just believed everything the Catholic church had told me. But then my perception began to change and I saw this issue from a more logical point of view.

I don't care what the Bible says - it says A LOT of things that can be interpreted A LOT of different ways. Two people loving each other and making a commitment to each other cannot be wrong. Love is never wrong. Not one thing is hurt by this love. In fact it's quite the opposite. No one can explain exactly WHY they love someone. It's just something that you feel is natural. Every person should be able to experience that feeling. And build their lives around it. And nourish themselves and each other.

I am getting married next fall, and while I'm happy and excited for Steve and I to be make this commitment in front of our family and friends, and to be a legally married to one another (instead of playing house like we have been for the past 4 years) I'm heartbroken to think that other people are being denied the same right. I hope that some day soon, everyone will be free to love the way that they chose to be loved. And you can help our country and the world achieve this TOMORROW! There are many rallies going on around the US, just go here to find out how and where you can participate.

This man's story is just ONE reason why gay marriage should not be banned. Read here. (you'll need tissues for this one)

Here is another story of a straight man standing up for equal marriage rights that I was really touched by. (it's a podcast)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gluten Free Pizza Crust

Camille came to visit me last night!! It's always nice when she breezes through town and makes time to visit with me.

I made pizza for dinner (no photos available) using a crust mix that I picked up at Whole Foods - 365 Gluten Free Pizza Crust. I know a lot of people are gluten free and Camille is one of them.

Okay so this mix includes a packet of yeast. And there are instructions on the back... you also have to use additional ingredients such as eggs, water, cider vinegar, olive oil, sugar and salt. Sounds like a lot... and maybe it would be cheaper in the future to buy the flour or whatever is in the mix and yeast separately and make it yourself.

Anyway, when I was following the directions it was really weird. It told me to beat the eggs and then add the mix gradually. Well there was a lot of the dry mix to only a little bit of eggs... so it ended up being really crumbly and pieces were flying out of the bowl when I was using the mixer. So I switched to a whisk and just tried to mix it as best I could. Then you add the other ingredients and after I added the water it was more like dough, but not exactly like dough. I was scared that it was not going to end up right. But it did! It was really good. I usually like thin crust pizza but this was really thick and spongey like bread and soooo yummy!!! Topped it with sauce, zucchini, yellow pepper, kalamata olives and mozzerella. MMMMMmmmm.....

Best served with a bottle of wine and conversation with an old friend. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This Day

Lots of things going on today! First off, I went to the dentist for the first time in 4 years and my teeth feel amazing. Secondly, the weather is absolutely beautiful. It is pleasantly warm and the colorful leaves dangle from the tree limbs to fall on the ground and dance around in the breeze.

Next noteworthy item: it's my one year anniversary of starting my job at NU!!! woot woot! I love it. Many things have happened since I started working here. I am happily enjoying the financial freedom that comes with being paid a livable wage. I have paid vacation days. And best of all - affordable healthcare!!! Also, Steve and I were able to become engaged and start planning our wedding.

On top of all of these wonderful things, Barack Obama is our president elect. The American people have spoken and I have never been more proud of any other decision we have made than this one. I truly trust him with all my heart to lead this country into peace and prosperity. I feel that he is more like the average American than any other politician in Washington and I have faith that he will always be thoughtful in his decision making and honest with us as citizens of this amazing country. I am so hopeful today.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Why Cats Don't Like Election Day

These cats have seen rough times. The economy has hit them hard - in ways neither you nor I could ever imagine. Just look at their faces. They are ready for CHANGE. And they want it NOW.

However, they are yet to be impressed with Election Day. Because Election Day means Mom is too busy with baking cakes and voting to remember to give them their breakfast.

Mmmm.... cake....

Who wouldn't want to wake up in the morning and see this in their fridge???!! Looks like the cake fairy was here last night :)

Here's the recipe.