Friday, August 31, 2007

Rocky Mountain High

This morning I am blogging from Colorado Springs, CO! We are in town for Annie's wedding which is today!!!

Two of Annie and Lacey's friends (a couple, Bre & Pat) have graciously offered their home for us to stay in while we are here. They are wonderful and have made everything comfy and cozy for us. I'm very thankful. It's great to meet new people who are just the nicest...

They have two cute dogs, Buttercup and CJ - such sweet girls. I'll post photos of them later.

I'm loving the landscape of this state. It's so beautiful. Steve has never been here before. Colorado Springs is nestled at the base of the mountains and when you drive over the hilly roads (we have a zippy little Ford Focus for the weekend!) you can see fields of houses huddling beneath majestic peaks. I listened to John Denver on the plane while I knitted.

Last night was the rehearsal dinner. One of the things I love the most about weddings is meeting all of the friends and family and figuring how they connect to the couple. I like to picture a mental image of all the network links and so on, and see how I fit into the web of relationships. It's easy to create instant friendships with friends of friends.... And it's awesome to see the Miller family again, especially the little grandkids.

Well TODAY is the big day! So I better start getting ready and figuring out where I have to be and when. Tomorrow we will try to visit the Garden of the Gods or possibly Pike's Peak before we have to catch our plane.

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