Friday, June 27, 2008


How could this happen?

How is it possible that two people could purchase shelving parts and hardware in December and not put them up until June? Does it really take six months to decide exactly where to hang them?

Well for us it does.

In fact the tiny white shelves that you see to your left holding photos above my faux fire place were indeed purchased THREE YEARS AGO!!!! I bought them at Target when we first moved to Chicago for our old apartment on Wayne Ave. They were so cute and tiny, but I could never figure out WHERE to put them. They are like two floating pieces of crown molding who never had a home - until now! There were tons of photos and frames just sitting there on my mantel so I decided it was time.

The shelves you see below were specifically for the studio, to help Steve alleviate his working surfaces. These shelves take six months to install. It is a very long process. But let me tell you - it's worth the wait!

By the by, my tree has a flower! My tree has a flower! My tree has a flower! Last night when we came home I smelled something so lovely and lilac-y in my living room... and before I went to bed I realized it was the flower!!!! This flower has been there for a few weeks, but for some reason (possibly the intense tropical humidity) yesterday it bloomed even more little flowers along the raceme. I thought this plant was a Deiffenbachia??? But I don't know. I need to do some research. I acquired it from a friend who was moving... which is how I acquire most of my houseplants.

I took this photo of Elvis on Thursday night - all tuckered out and dirty from an adventure outside. See? Doesn't he look like a dirty old stray alley cat?

Well, I'm off to Michigan for the weekend to visit Devin and Grayson, and my cousins. Ta ta for now.

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