Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Meeting Grayson

I had such a great weekend. I can't remember when I've had a better one. It started off on Friday evening with my mom, Ed, and Alyssa in town. We went to Laura's plush show at Rotofugi. On Saturday morning I rode back to Michigan with my mom and immediately went to meet Grayson. He is about a month old now (born on May 27th) and is the cutest little bundle ever! Devin is so happy and is doing really well. She is so full of love and is so committed to this new little baby. Look at her face beaming with happiness. I'm so proud of her.

We spent the evening together, Devin and I. We went down to the festival in Morenci in hopes of seeing the battle of the bands. We missed it but were quickly distracted with elephant ears and pink lemonade. We ran into an old friend, chatted for a while, and then the two of us were off to Margaritas, where we ran into more old friends who bought us drinks! It was like old times between the two of us. Friendship really is something that ebbs and flows and sooner or later you find out that your true friends are the ones who remain by your side through good and bad (I've resorted to speaking in terms of cliche, people!) Anyway, it was so nice.

My sister and I had brunch with my dad and Cheryl. And then we went to a cookout at Ed's house including some of my aunts, uncles, and cousins. I forget how quiet it can be in the country and how much open space there is. In addition, I forgot how much manure you could smell at any given moment.... and how much it did not bother me... it just smelled like home. We picked wild flowers and ate strawberry shortcake. I knitted for four hours as I rode the train back to the city that I now call home. My Fitted Knits sweater is almost complete! after a few minor bumps in the road..... I should be secretly praying for a cold snap {evil grin}...

my cousin Nina making a bouquet for her Nani

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