Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Baby Surprise Day

Today is Baby Surprise day. NO that doesn't mean I have news to tell you... it means it's the day of the week where some of us at work get together for a Baby Surprise Jacket Knit-Along!

I'm sure I have knit so many of these things it's unhealthy. This is the most recent one made for Danielle who is having a girl some time soon. When she opened the gift at her baby shower a few weeks ago, everyone liked it so much they decided they wanted to learn how to make one. And I think they will all be amazed when they find out how easy it is.

All you have to know for this pattern is how to knit, decrease, increase, pick up stitches, and sew up a seam. And you can definitely learn these skills as you go if you do not already. The seam can be kind of tricky because you are matching up a cast on edge with a selvage edge. BUT as long as you are consistent with each stitch it will look fine.

For the increasing parts of the pattern, I prefer what I've seen referred to as a "blind increase". When you want to increase, using your right needle, you grab the stitch just below the next stitch on your left needle. Put that stitch on the left needle and knit it. I like the way this looks on the opposite side of the fabric.... so I try to put my blind increases on the WS.

Here is another BSJ I recently made for a new baby.

And I'm preparing to make THREE matching BSJ's for several.... you-know-who-s :)

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Anonymous said...

Such cute BSJ's. I must buy that book so I can make one. Hope you are doing well Sossy. Love you, Chrissy