Monday, June 16, 2008

Elvis on a Leash

Elvis has been enjoying frequent trips out to the front yard in his army green paratrooper-style harness. We are often bombarded with funny inquiries from the local neighborhood kids. He is skittish of them but allows them to pet him if they are gentle. He's actually pretty good around them. Here are some of our favorite kid-questions. Many of them are asked repeatedly even if I've already answered that particular one a few minutes before.

kid: How old is that cat?
sbe: He's about 2 years old.
kid: He looks like he's 3!

kid: Is that cat pregnant?
sbe: No, HE just has a fat belly.

Other inquiries include:

"Does he like to take a shower?"

"Can that cat come to my house and catch some mice?"

"Do cats fart?"

"Does he have fleas?"

"What inspired you to get a cat?"

"Does he listen to you?"

"Can I walk him?"


Ereeen said...

We want pictures! Pictures of Elvis on a leash! :D

josh and annie said...

Pictures please! Must see the harness!

Anonymous said...

Elvis has his own fan club and probably doesn't know it. My favorite questions are:
"Does he like to take a show?" Dinah definitely does.
"Do cats fart?" haha