Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Avon Walk 2008 Official Report

I'm a little late on this... but I wanted to thank EVERYONE who donated, came to our yard sale, our bluegrass concert, bought a martini from me at Mars Gallery, or even if you just texted words of encouragement - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Click on the picture at the left for more Nips Ahoy team pics.

This was a record breaking year for the Nips Ahoy! team, as every year should be. Together we raised $6333, and almost 1 G of that came from our fundraising events alone!!! We must have done something right.

During the actual walk, I took it a little easier than last time. I completed 30 of the 40 mile journey and I did not sleep in a tent at the wellness village. My bed, located only two blocks from camp, was all too tempting. But I was able to enjoy myself a lot more and with hardly any pain.

After the walk Steve, Mike, and Jack accompanied us to Dairy Star for some well deserved ice cream.

Here are the official stats for this year's Chicago Avon Walk:

- 4,000 walkers

-$9.1 million

Here is a list of the beneficiaries who received checks at closing ceremonies:
· Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center at Northwestern University received $1,050,000 for research and access to care: To support access to breast care for medically underserved populations at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and the Erie Family Health Center as well as research at the Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Research Laboratories focused on identifying markers for breast cancer prevention and treatment response, and characterizing molecular mechanisms of breast cancer growth, survival and metastasis.
· Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force received $1,000,000 to help reduce the black: white disparity in breast health and breast cancer outcomes in Chicago. The funds support the formation of the Task Force as a new, non-partisan entity, which will lead the effort of translating the thirty-seven recommendations issued in October 2007 by its working group into action items. The Task Force will collect and analyze data, manage the city-wide efforts, and evaluate quality control measures and outcomes. The Avon Foundation also supported the 2007 efforts that created this effort.
· The Sinai Health System received a grant of $1,000,000 to continue support of their patient navigation program and the purchase of new digital mammography equipment. In addition, funds will support the implantation of Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force recommendations and the analysis of progress towards reducing black: white disparity.
· The City of Chicago, Department of Public Health received a grant of $500,000 to provide new mammography equipment to five neighborhood health centers that serve uninsured and low income clients. This grant is part of a larger City of Chicago initiative, which will renovate and upgrade each facility to accommodate the new equipment.
· Mercy Foundation received a grant of $500,000 to support the patient navigation program at Mercy Hospital and Medical Center, enhance services with the addition of a state-of-the-art Breast Module Tracking System, and supports the purchase of a new digital mammography machine and ultrasound platform.
· Hektoen Institute for Medical Research received a grant of $400,000 for two initiatives: To continue a successful program that gives underserved populations access to breast cancer risk assessment, genetic counseling and testing, and access to clinical trials involving alternate methods of screening, chemoprevention and genetic testing. And also to support the more formal examination of prevention choices among minority high-risk women and the enrollment rates of this population into clinical trials.
· Rush-Copley Foundation received a grant of $150,000 to support the creation of a collaborative community based outreach and navigation program focused on the medically underserved Latina population in Aurora. Funds will support an increase in outreach and educational activities to reach more women with screening and diagnostic services and breast health literacy.
· Foundation for St. Francis Hospital received a grant of $150,000 to support upgrading existing x-ray mammogram technology with a CR cassette digital system, which will increase St. Francis Hospital’s capacity to perform biopsies while reducing wait times for results, allowing pathologists to provide immediate feedback during surgery and making images available immediately in the surgery suite.

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