Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekend Shmeekend

We all had high hopes for this weekend. The coral reef openend, my mom and sister were coming into town to see it and maybe we would do a little shopping. Bryce and Christy were also in town for a wedding so we were able to play wii and eat indian food. Then it all went down the tubes. My poor mom had a migraine Saturday morning that was not responding to any medication even after I called her doc at home to send a Rx over to my local walgreens for more meds. I was late picking my sister up from the train and the bathroom radiator was spewing hot water and steam (Steve took care of that). After retreiving Catherine from Union Station we spent much of the afternoon in the ER with Mom. They fixed her up... but she was still very groggy for the remainder of the evening. Steve and Catherine and I had sushi and watched movies.

Today I thought we would finally make it down to the reef but it didn't happen. I think Mom just needed to go home.

I'm exhausted but the highlight of the weekend was definitely a free ticket to see Jersey Boys this evening!!!! THANKS SUMI! It was such a great show and I definitely have a better appreciation for Franki Valli and the Four Seasons. Guess what? Frankie Valli and Bob Gaudio were in the audience, and went up on stage and the end. (It was press night) Very fun!

I think I may actually get to ride my bike a little this week.

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Bryce said...

Hey Sarah- just found your blog! Thanks for having us- I hope things have gotten better since we left.
See you in a week!