Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It Really Is Fall!

Gone are the days like these - of open windows in our apartment. It finally feels like fall. All of the leaves are turning and falling. The past few days have been really pleasant with highs around 60, but some of the nights are downright chilly - especially before the heat came on last weekend.

I've been doing a lot of cooking, too. I've made apple crumble, turkey meatloaf, mashed sweet potatoes, Steve cooked a pork loin (not all in the same day, though) and tonight we had spaghetti squash with pesto and sundried tomatoes. Tomorrow I'm going to make snickerdoodles!!!

I'm still able to get in some bike riding these days. This is the milk crate I snagged as a boot to put all of my things in.... except it's important to make sure that the knitting needles are pointing toward the back, so they don't poke me in the rear whilst riding.... has happened a couple of times.
Now for some cat pictures! This is Elvis and Monkey checking their email.....

This is a bed that we bought for them... called the mysterious kuddler.... however I've yet to find out why it's so mysterious. Maybe it's because I've only seen Monkey in it twice and once Elvis got in but that's only because he was playing with something in it. They always seem to take a while to warm up to things we buy for them.

Almost every weekend has some home improvement time involved. This is just one of our new ikea shelves, i.e. cat cubicles. No really - it now houses my records and my yarn and knitting supplies.

We also put up new blinds and curtains in the living room. Eeeekk! Look at that couch! I wish this were only it's Halloween costume. I know I know - I'm getting on that cover thing. I promise!!!! I have 2 days off this week which I hope to devote some time to covering the couch.

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