Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Transformations

Today is Halloween, so first of all, happy spooky fun and safe Halloween to you and yours. On Sunday we started watching all of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. One per day. Elvis was inspired to dress as Freddy Krueger today. Monkey decided she didn't need a costume since she is already a black cat, so here there are, all ready for trick or treating.

Another big event: today was my last day as an underpaid artist's assistant! Woo hoo! I'm taking a long weekend and then I get to start my new grown-up job with decent pay and benefits. I think I have waited long enough for this. All those months of not being able to do all of the things that normal people should be entitled to.... it has really made me appreciate everything. And all of the help we received from our parents when things went wrong - we definitely would not have made it without that. Plus now that I know how to live on a tight budget it's SAVE SAVE SAVE for a house or a wedding or a trip or pay off student loans... something to that effect.

In honor of Halloween AND my last day at Judy Lichtenstein Designs we had a FEAST. We ordered falafel from Cafe Orchid. Laura, who is awesome and is taking over my job, made these lovely cupcakes (see below), and I made SNICKERDOODLES!

You may also have noticed some changes to my blog. In the beginning I thought I would have two blogs: one for the day to day, and one for knitting. But then I realized that knitting is day to day for me... plus everyone else has co-mingled their general blog entries with knitting blog entries so why can't I? Sarah Sue Magoo, will remain a knit only blog, but you will see Knit-Talk on the beeline blog as well... just a head's up...

I found this photo online. This isn't Rosie but this what I think Rosie should be for Halloween. SOOO CUTE!

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