Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I think Kristen said it best when she posted her entry, so I'm just going to be lazy and quote her:

She's got the biggest, balls of them all! quote a fabulous old AC/DC song....oh, am I dating myself???

The MCA (Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art) hosts a Stitch N Bitch "party" (as they call it, not us) once a month free every 3rd Tuesday. Tonight Sarah & I met there and hung out for about an hour or so knitting with some new peeps and having a beer.

There was a local artist, Pate Conaway, who knits with gigantic needles and gigantic cotton "yarn" was pretty entertaining to see....very cool. We were total dorks and took our picture with him to post on our knitting blog...

Wow, as Sarah put it, "we're knitting groupies"....I could just die....

check out the eyeball wallpaper.... that s***t creeps me out, man.

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