Sunday, October 21, 2007

Time Travelling

There were several weeks after we moved when I didn't have time to blog. Had I found the time, I would have posted these photos from some of our August trips.

First, we rode the megabus to Minneapolis for a long weekend. We stayed at Bryce's house. This is his cat, Koffi, peeking out of the screen door.

Here is Tulip snuggling in her bed.

We also attended Dawn and Dave's wedding.

This is Dawn in her wedding gown. Click here to see more Minneapolis photos

I had a lot of free knitting time that weekend so this is the progress I made on my cardigan. This is one of the first things I've designed myself from complete scratch. It's not based on any type of pattern, just my own measurements. A lot of the time I will take a pattern, and change the yarn completely (requiring a lot of math) and add some other embellishments. I just hate making something that looks exactly like the photo in the pattern.

Well, the cardigan is finished, and I had Steve photograph me wearing it yesterday so more on that soon!

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