Friday, July 4, 2008

My Favorite Holiday

Today marks another passing of my favorite holiday - the 4th of July - reminding me to start really enjoying the summer days that seem to pass by so quickly. There are many reasons why I love this holiday so much:

1. Everyone (well, almost everyone) has the day off work. God bless those who DO work on the 4th.

2. I'm so thankful that I have all of the freedom that comes along with living in this country. I know it's not perfect but it's pretty damn good!

3. This day is all about being with family and friends, cooking out, swimming, relaxing, and enjoying yourself in the summer sunshine.

4. It's sort of a mini-anniversary for Steve and I. We've spent this special day together almost every year that we have been together.

5. I get to make the annual berry cobbler and serve it up ala mode!

6. Fireworks - in a controlled environment - are such a wonderful display. But I am somewhat scared of regular people lighting off fireworks in the street. I was burnt by a sparkler as a child and my family also caused a big fire once by doing that.

7. Most thrift stores have half off sales on the 4th.

8. When I adopted Monkey I proclaimed the 4th of July as her birthday. I brought her home on January 26th 2002. She was about 6 months old. So here's to you, Monkey. You are 7 years old today.

Alright kiddos. Have fun. Be safe. Don't drink and drive. I'm going to hit the Salvation Army shop, but I will post a picture of the cobbler later. Love ya!

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