Thursday, February 21, 2008

Give a Pooch a Home

*UPDATE 4/30: Camille has decided to keep Pez as a companion on the road! I'm so happy. Everything worked out the way it was meant to be :)

This is Pez. I met him in 2003 when he was just a
few months old. We lived together in a house and we were buddies. My friend and former housemate is his mom. He is a beautiful, loyal, strong, and sweet companion. Unfortunately for Pez, my friend (his owner) is an artist and has decided to start travelling around the country and she will not be able to take him along with her.

I know that everyone has pre-conceived notions about pitbulls, but I have to post this because he is a dog that I love.

If someone in my area adopted him I would definitely be interested in visiting and spending time with him.

I helped raise him and now is about 5 or 6 years old. He is very loving, loyal, and sweet. He is also very high energy - like most pits. He is definitely comfortable around cats and has been around them most of his life. He doesn't always get along with other dogs, though. He loves to play ball and chase squirrels.

Here is some info from his owner: Pez is a five year old boxer/pit bull mix who's loyal as can be, smarter than the average dog and loves to have fun. He plays well with most other dogs but will sometimes assert his dominance with other male dogs. His strength is impressive and this summer we started doing dog pulling (a dog sport that the dog is hooked to a weighted sled and then the dog pulls for 16 feet). He has his own harness and loves the sport. He's only done it a handful of times so he needs training and strength building but with the right handler and practice he could easily compete. He loves obedience classes and would make a great agility dog, too.

If you, or anyone you know, might be interested in adopting Pez, please contact me for more information. You can post a comment on this blog.

There is also a beautiful tortoise shell female that needs a home. She is very calm and sweet and would probably do well as an only cat. I can get a photo of her if there are any requests.

Here are some more photos:

Here he is as a puppy going to his first peace rally!

snuggling on the couch watching TV

Pez rolling in the grass with his friend, Neo.

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