Saturday, February 2, 2008

Wintery Weekend

Dude, I'm totally feelin' the winter blahs. It's not so much the snow and cold as it is the lack of sunlight.... the days lately are gray and dull.

Last weekend was much nicer. Sunny and 35. Talk about a heat wave. I actually went ice skating with Kristen, which i haven't done in about 5 years, and I wasn't too rusty.
I did alright. My feet were a little wobbly since they don't have women's sizes or half sizes.... I ended up in a MEN'S TEN! It was a tad too long but mostly it was way too wide. I'm thinking about buying some of my own skates.... maybe I would skate more often. I found some online that are only about $35.

There were a lot of small children skating (more like the act of running with blades on their feet) with helmets on. Lots of people doing the windmill... ummm.... I didn't fall once. And I think I burnt a decent amount of calories.

Here is Kristen on the rink at Warren Park. Only a few blocks from my place. Plus they play music!!!! Reminds you of the old days at the roller rink.

Another shot of me. I actually enjoy winter when the sun is shining.

This weekend is the pits. There is about a foot of dirty snow everywhere. It's easy to get stuck if you are driving. The only thing that is keeping me going is my knitting... oh yeah, and a couple of glasses of Pinot doesn't hurt either.

So, did Phil see his shadow today or what????

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Telmah said...

I got a good pair of skates at the Play it Again Sports on N. Ashland. They were hardly used at all, and in the price range you saw online.