Thursday, February 14, 2008


This past weekend I completed all of the knitting on Steve's cardigan! Now all that's left is weaving in ends, sewing seams and hems, blocking, and putting on a zipper. He's tried it on and I think it will be quite lovely. I'm so tired of knitting on it. I have been working on it every night for the past few weeks and was trying to knit so fast that my forearms would often ache the next day. Knitting someone a sweater is truly a labor of love.

If you haven't listened to Franklin Habit's essay (on Cast On) "The Sharper End of the Needles" about knitting for loved ones, take a listen.

P.S. I love Cast On.

There's an old wives' tale about how if you knit your boyfriend a sweater you are sealing your fate... you will break up sooner rather than later. It's bad luck. But I've already knitted Steve a sweater (and we DID break up but that was a long time ago, and after a few months we UN-broke up).... I found it the other day... it's actually one of the first things I ever knit. And I just made it up, so it's all mis-shapen and huge, and furry, and green, and..... well, it's the complete opposite of a sweater that a hetero-late-twenties-male would choose for himself. We laughed when we found it. We decided it's going to our "house sweater". You know that one that your mom or sister puts on when they are visiting and feel chilly?

Last week we did a lot of celebrating. On the 7th Steve turned another year older. We had a very nice evening that included dinner with his brother, Tim, who happened to be in town on business. We went to the new Uncommon Ground on Devon and it was lovely! A bit expensive... but still very nice. I'll have to yelp about it. Then we went back to our place and the boys played video games until midnight. Steve really enjoyed it. AND we had cupcakes from Kim's. YUM! Probably our favorite bakery in Evanston.

And over the weekend we celebrated seven years as a couple! So, in honor of that... here's a little photo montage of us over the years... go ahead, laugh at the hair-do's.


josh and annie said...

You guys are so cute!

Anonymous said...

I have some pictures of you two that I need to give you or send you or something. And I was going to say the EXACT same thing! You guys are so cute!

- Cat