Friday, November 14, 2008

Join the Impact

This blog is definitely a journal of sorts, and a way that I have been sharing my life with my friends and family who are hundreds of miles away from me. I have tried to keep this blog in neutral territory but there are certain issues that are important to me, so I feel they must be discussed, especially at this moment in time. Please keep reading...

Last week several states voted YES on a banning gay marriage - otherwise known as Prop 8 or Proposition Hate. I feel that this choice to eliminate the rights of many American citizens is a severe regression for our country. And it was a choice many people made based on fear and a lack of knowledge.

Now I was raised in the Catholic Church where we were taught that being gay was wrong and a pretty serious sin. I even had several friends in high school who were gay and lesbian, and even though I thought they were "wrong" I maintained close friendships with them. And let me tell you, Hudson, MI (population 2,500) is not as easy place to be openly homosexual. My feelings were not based on fear, I just believed everything the Catholic church had told me. But then my perception began to change and I saw this issue from a more logical point of view.

I don't care what the Bible says - it says A LOT of things that can be interpreted A LOT of different ways. Two people loving each other and making a commitment to each other cannot be wrong. Love is never wrong. Not one thing is hurt by this love. In fact it's quite the opposite. No one can explain exactly WHY they love someone. It's just something that you feel is natural. Every person should be able to experience that feeling. And build their lives around it. And nourish themselves and each other.

I am getting married next fall, and while I'm happy and excited for Steve and I to be make this commitment in front of our family and friends, and to be a legally married to one another (instead of playing house like we have been for the past 4 years) I'm heartbroken to think that other people are being denied the same right. I hope that some day soon, everyone will be free to love the way that they chose to be loved. And you can help our country and the world achieve this TOMORROW! There are many rallies going on around the US, just go here to find out how and where you can participate.

This man's story is just ONE reason why gay marriage should not be banned. Read here. (you'll need tissues for this one)

Here is another story of a straight man standing up for equal marriage rights that I was really touched by. (it's a podcast)

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