Thursday, November 27, 2008

Slinky Cat

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Last night we made the journey from Chicago to my mom's countryside home in rural Michigan. A frosty layer of snow has coated the grass and the porch and we are cozy inside. Mom and Ed are preparing the bird! And Steve's mom is on her way up. Soon they will meet.... it should go well. I'm so thankful to have a great future mother-in-law. My mom is really excited to meet her.

I brought some bridesmaid dresses for Catherine to try on and she liked one of them! But that will remain a secret to all except the parties involved.

And now for a video of a silly slinky cat who looks just like Elvis! Thanks to Little Grey Bungalow for bringing this to my attention. Elvis is also one who loves to slide around on his side and back... he's very creative.

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Bob said...

SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!