Monday, October 6, 2008

Last Weekend vs This Weekend

I haven't blogged about last weekend or anything that happened this weekend yet, so here goes. Just a little example of how sleep deprived people post blog entries.

September 26 - 28
1. rental car
2. drove 207 miles
3. Dean Hall's 80th Anniversary dinner (Albion, MI)

4. drove 105 miles
5. spent the night at Granny's (Toledo, OH)
6. drove 285 miles
7. Zach and Jennifer's wedding (Lexington, KY)

8. the last hint of summer weather
9. time to catch up with old friends

10. fancy hors d'oeuvres
11. an excuse to wear fancy clothes

12. a live jazz trio
13. bourbon on ice
14. traveled 367 miles all the way home
15. asleep in my own bed at 8:30pm on Sunday (1,000 miles in one weekend can really wear you out)

October 3 - 5
1. television and couch potatoes
2. kitty snuggling
3. Yarn Con
4. crisp autumn afternoons
5. cleaning house
6. cat-sitting
7. laundry
8. Lacey Miller

9. large bowls of irish coffee
10. macaroni and cheese
11. knitting
12. more couch potato sessions

So why am I sleep deprived after this leisurely weekend? Because of #9! I had too much coffee yesterday and couldn't sleep!!!!!!!!


Krista said...

Love the pic of you and Lacey!

LeapLady said...

Awwwe, some of my favorite little knitters. After all it's all the shameshing when your with friends! (+ I Love Your Blog)

Lacey said...

LOL. Shameshing. My mom is so funny. I had fun seeing you for a few hours! And it is fall in Chicago! More knitting to come next fall! Why didn't you include bossing Steve around?