Monday, September 15, 2008


I am so bad at blogging lately. I haven't been keeping up. We had an extremely fall-like weekend including over 48 hours of straight rain. You'd think that would be a great opportunity for staying inside and blogging, but NOOOOOOO...... instead I went thrifting and spent the majority of my time watching tv in my pajamas and organizing our collection of... you know... those things.... CD's! Yeah that's it, cd's. I mean who listens to cd's anymore? How lame is it to have a cd collection? It sort of feels like when I was 14 and I acquired my dad's record collection. But anyway, some other rainy day I may actually sit around and listen to some cds. compact discs. Maybe that annoying skipping sounds that cds make will become what the crackle has for vinyl. Okay maybe not.

Oh, AND I bought a fur coat!! It's GORGEOUS. Freaking gorgeous. It was $15 at VD. Village Discount. VD = Village Discount.

Someone, ask me to go some place where wearing fur is appropriate! STAT!

Also tried a new restaurant. Union Pizzeria in Evanston. Sort of a fancier pizzeria place. Wood fired. SO DELICIOUS! Not the best place for large groups (we had 13 and we had to wait till EVERYONE was there to be seated). But OMG the pizza was so good. I could not stop eating it. We had the goat cheese and potato pizza, which also had caramelized onions. And the lamb and eggplant pizza.

Yes gosh-dernit I ate lamb AND bought a fur coat all in 24 hours..... maybe that's why last night I had a night mare that I was being chased by a man wielding a shotgun. hmmmm...

I promise to be better at blogging in the very near future.

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