Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Class Chameleon

There's been lots of buzzing about this website called www.yearbookyourself.com. So I decided to try it out and boy is it funny!..... so funny that I took the liberty of plugging in Steve's face as well. I've always wanted to experience living in other decades, so i guess this is as good as it gets. Also - more proof that you can't believe something just because someone shows you a photo of it.

Sarah circa 1952 (looks like my father disguised as a woman)
and Steve circa 1950 - such a dapper young fellow

Sarah circa 1954 and Steve circa 1956
I thought this was high school... why do I look like an old lady?

Sarah & Steve in 1960 - don't we look smart?

Sarah from 62' & Steve from '64. This is when we were clean, conservative folks.

another mannish look from Sarah in '68

whoa! is that Steve from 1970 or is that George Nyktas!

I guess hair started getting out of control in the 70's. The funny thing is, this is EXACTLY what I looked like in 1998. I guess I was a 70's-chick-wannabe

um... yeah 1982

How androgynous of you, Steve, in 1984.

mid 80's

and last but certainly not least 1990.

There is more, but I don't think I should show you.


Krista said...

I love the 80's and 90's ones and I took a double take on the seventies one b/c I thought it was your real picture! You and Steve helping the neighbor kids with their bikes sounds so cute - Wil and I are planning on getting Abigail a tricycle for Christmas this year. Shhhhh, nobody tell her. =)

Bob said...

I love these! Each of you have such adaptable, generation changeling features. That's a good thing! Thanks for making me aware of the site.

josh and annie said...

Those pics are hilarious. I need to do that immediately. I love Steve's mullet and your huge bangs. Also the 70's with the long hair looks like your senior pic.
SO FUNNY, not you just the pictures. :)

Lacey Miller said...

Steve kind of scares me. But I love it. Now, if only we could see the belt buckle he is most certainly wearing...What kind of belt buckle would Steve have worn in those pictures?

Anonymous said...

These are so fun/funny! :) Marybeth