Thursday, August 14, 2008

Morning Meltdown

This morning I had a bit of a meltdown. Just one of those days, ya know? And no I do not have any pictures to document it.

It ranked right up there with that one evening in Ann Arbor, but wasn't quite as bad. The night I am referring to is the one in which we were two broke people living in a tiny, stuffy studio with our cat on Ann St, where Steve practiced his oil painting. My best friend came to visit for a few nights and we decided to go out to an Italian place for dinner, mostly because I had found this coupon for a buy-one-get-one-free meal! First one waitress splattered me with olive oil. Then when I went to the bathroom there was black water bubbling and spurting out of the drain in the floor. And after our meal, our waitress told us that we couldn't use the coupon even though we had shown it to her prior to ordering our entrees. The only thing that kept me going was knowing I had these great pasta leftovers to take home. But that was ruined by the sudden downpour that started on the walk home, causing me to slip and fall while running, spilling my leftovers across the sidewalk, and to break the handle of the purse I was using, which used to be my grandmother's. I ended up in our suffocating studio, wet and wrapped up in towels, crying because I had no creamy sauce with sun dried tomatoes.... only a broken purse.

I think of this night often when bad things happen to me.

So in retrospect and in light of reviewing these horrible events, I suppose this morning wasn't so terrible but it seemed enough to push me over the edge. After I was already pissed about my hair, as I was leaving for work, the zipper on my purse came right off, and then when I went to ride my bike, the chain somehow was dangling down and pedaling wasn't getting me anywhere. I threw my bike to ground and started crying. But Steve came to the rescue. We drove to work and then I went and bought a new purse. And, it turned out, my hair didn't look so bad after all :)


Bob said...

Oh shit. She threw her bike down! She's gonna blow!! We better run!!!


Anonymous said...

Sossy--I think that was me that was with you in Ann Arbor? I remember that apartment. I hope you have a better afternoon and an even better vacation out west.

Love you, Chrissy

Erin said...

Man! I hope your vacation made things much, much better. Tell me all about it when you are ready to come back to the daily grind! :)