Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Busy Bee

Since I've been back from vacation, not only have I been catching up at work and trying to get back into my biking routine, I have also been visiting with several awesome friends this week. The weekend was spent doing chores and unpacking from vacation (and picking up lots of crap in the yard - will explain later.) We attended a going away party for our friends Troy (on the left) and Sara who are moving back to Michigan. (Good luck, you guys!) And also managed to cram in a long overdue dinner with Craig and Latha. Then Monday rolled around, and I had the opportunity to spend the evening having drinks at the top of the Hancock building with Rachel and Lisa who were in town from Albuquerque for a conference. I had originally wanted to visit them while we were in New Mexico but we did not make it as far as Albuquerque on that trip. We had a LOT to talk about since I had not seen Rachel in about eight years!..... pretty much since high school.

hanging out with Lisa and Rachel on Mich Ave

On Tuesday my friend and former neighbor, the marvelous Brittany, came to Northwestern for lunch and she brought me an entire picnic - sparkling water, tuna pasta salad with dill and grilled asparagus, and a homemade plum tart! It was a nice little surprise. And I could go ON and ON about the tart!!

a picnic with Britt

Other than that we are trying to get ready for yet ANOTHER trip this weekend to Cincinnati. And I've been helping Steve a lot with some art things that have been going on...

I promise to blog about the rest of the vacation soon, folks.

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