Thursday, May 15, 2008

Super Hero

Commuting to work on a bicycle is a little bit like being a super hero. During the rush hour periods of the day you are dressed in a costume of utilitarian gear and sun glasses. You rush into the office and inside of a small booth (aka bathroom stall) magically transform yourself into your professional persona.

"Smaller than an SUV!"

"More efficient than a Toyota Prius!"

"Faster than the CTA's so-called Rapid Transit!"

"Polar Bears near the arctic circle cheer her on as she zooms past sedans and minivans, running on the fuel of pizza and beer she consumed the previous evening (from Whole Foods of course) {belch!} she cycles on, fighting global warming AND terrorists with one swipe of her hand-knitted-arm-warmer-covered fist!"


By day, masquerading as a slide librarian.... well not even that.... just a digitizer in the slide library. Who knew?

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