Monday, May 5, 2008

Screen burning

I'm so happy i just had to announce this. I burned my first silk screen at home!!! I have done this many times at a couple of my previous jobs, but I was so unsure that I had the proper equipment etc. Actually when it came to the screen coating part I was very nervous but it seemed to go okay. It's a little blotchy but I think everything will work out alright.

Making shirts with our team logo to sell for Breast Cancer funds is such a great idea. But my original screen source fell through so I had to make my own. After dropping a hundred bucks at Dick Blick - I'm in business. Also I DID use inkjet transparencies to burn my screen and I doubled them up to make sure I got good enough coverage.

Now the next task will be printing these pesky shirts. I must have had a brain fart when I was choosing the colors because I forgot that it's very difficult to print light ink on a dark shirt. However I bought this "super opaque white" ink from versatex and I hope it does the trick. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!

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