Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day 1 - Walk v2.0

I'm keeping this picture small because it ain't the prettiest one, but it IS of the fiercest Nips in action and let's be honest - fierce is not always pretty. I'd say Day 1 went pretty well. The weather was absolutely fantastic. We made REALLY good time and had a pretty good pace going until those pesky blisters came to haunt Kerry just like they've done before! She was such a trooper!!! They bandaged up her feet and she managed to go another 5 miles where we passed the 16 mile mark. At this point her feet were hurting so bad that she had to be swept off to camp and I (yes I wimped out) followed along with her. Kerry and I pitched the tent and made it all cozy back at the Wellness Village while Erin, though she was experiencing major acid reflux, carried the Nips flame along by herself for another 4 miles! WHAT AMAZING LADIES THESE ARE! I am so priviledged and honored to have these two in my company all along the way. Thanks girls. You're simply the BREAST! (I stole that line, by the way.)

We've had dinner and showers and massages and now I'm about to curl on the couch with Steve while my other two Nippers are safe and sound in the Wellness Village at the park.

Oh also, I have to say, I am not a baseball cap kind of girl. But I am so so so soooo happy that my mom's friend Chris was so sweet enough to send me this awesome hat with a pink ribbon on the side and I LOVE IT! I'm so glad I have it. I think it really keeped me from getting a headache in the bright sunlight. Thanks, Chris!!!

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