Friday, June 1, 2007

We've gotta freakin' do it!

Okay folks, tomorrow is the big day!!! And guess what??????
My team has reached it's goal!!! Together we've raised over $5400!!!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo to us!

In light of this news, I thought I'd share some kodak moments from the fun, but slightly disappointing fundrasier we planned - meaning we had a blast, however attendence was a bit low. We managed to raise a few hundred dollars.

Ta Dah! Fun + Drinks = Money for Avon Walk!

My sister and I before the benefit. I'm convinced that I only like it when people take photographs with my face angled the other way... I'm sure no one else cares. I also don't like this photo because my pants look weird. Yes they are vinyl - Yes I will probably never wear them again.

1 comment:

josh and annie said...

You look wonderful! And I love your vinyl pants!
Hope the walk is going well!
Love, annie