Monday, June 4, 2007

Watch out, Breast Cancer....

... we're here to destroy you!

We did it! Together, my teammates and I, raised over $5,400 AND walked the entire 39.3 mile route in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Even though the sun was hot and the air was humid, there were about 4,000 walkers - women and men, but mostly women - and together we came up with over $8 million!!! All of these funds will go to research, prevention programs, and support & care in the Chicagoland area. Think of how many mammograms this could pay for....

On the first day, our journey began at Soldier Field. This is my first time meeting my teammate Anita Ross in person. She was a great girl to walk with & chat with - instant friends!They served us breakfast - bagels, bananas, oj, coffee, nutragrain bars... Erin made her own creation.After opening ceremonies, Nips Ahoy! is ready to rock 'n' roll. These are the shirts I made for the team with digital inkjet iron-on transfers. Next year we are going to have screen printed shirts and they will be for sale, tooThe first several miles took us along the lake shore path, with a beautiful view of this fabulous city we call home.At the first rest stop about 2 miles in. I'm already sweaty and crusted over with SPF 70. So glad I wore the sunscreen!!! It's important to keep reapplying it, too. This is me in all of my "beautious glory". Another view of the stream of walkers gliding along the shore of mighty Lake Michigan. Erin took this photo of me with more sunscreen slathered on. I'm also wearing a visor borrowed from Brittany.... not sure if she wants it back, it's pretty gross.

We're over half way there! In the beginning, it was easy. We talked and laughed along the way. But after the first 13.1 miles, I couldn't believe I still had another 13.1 to go. Wasn't sure if I would make it to the end. I thought maybe the bus would have to come and sweep me away.This photo is hard to read, but around Bryn Mawr & Pulaski, there was a small wooded yard behind a fence, and inside a very tiny baby fawn wondering around looking for his mother. We called animal control and said our prayers for him. Hopefully he found his way home. In Lincolnwood/Skokie/Niles... I have no idea where we were.... we walked past the Affy Tapple factory. Being a fan of spoonerisms I had to take a photo.
Finally we wandered our way down Touhy and Devon, through Rogers Park, crossing the finish line at Warren Park around 6:30pm. Nancy (Erin's mom), Becky, Brittany, and Steve were all there waiting for us. Everyone was cheering. We had completed the first 26.2 miles!!!
My wonderful friends Becky, Brittany, and Steve, helped Erin and I set up our tent as we could hardly comprehend anything. Then we took showers and had our dinner while we were entertained by an 80's hair cover band. After that I lost track of Erin, only to find her in the medical tent getting an IV! Poor girl was dehydrated. We slept like babies that night while the rain sprinkled down on our tent.
This is Anita, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning. She was ready to kick Breast Cancer in the A.
This smile is deceiving.... by morning I was hobbling around like an old woman. Just call me Aunt Agnes.
So the first 5 miles of the second day were difficult. Lots of whining and feet dragging involved. But after a while we cheered up. Especially when we met Nips Ahoy!'s long lost cousin at one of the rest stops.
13.1 miles later! The final finish line!!! We had someone marching with us playing the bag pipes. All of the people cheering us on at the end brought tears to my eyes. Here are the survivors marching into the closing ceremony.
And the "Pink Mile" of walkers following behind.
We're done! I did it! Where's the ice cream????
Everyone was amazing, especially the awesome crew that fed us, helped us cross traffic, cheered us on and brought smiles to our faces when we thought we couldn't make the rest of the way. I am SO ready for next year - Bring It On!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sossy-I think your Blog is awesome. Congratulations again on doing the Breast Cancer Walk. After reading your entry I want to do it with you next year. :)
love, Chrissy