Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summer Lovin'

So far our summer has been going pretty well. You might notice that I like to post photos in my blog.... that's because a picture is worth a thousand words, right? And because I love snapping away, especially photos of the cats.

What blog posting would not be complete without a photo of some kind of food - and of course it would be dessert. Two banana split sundaes! We've been eating a lot of ice-cream, and I've been trying to get my walking in, in an attempt cancel out all the ice-cream. But when the days are hot and muggy (like today) there's nothing like a yummy sundae and a movie in your air conditioned apartment. Elvis has learned the sound of the reddi-whip can, and comes prancing into the kitchen every time he hears it, begging to lick some off my finger - and I let him. How can I resist!???!!!!

I've been trying not to use the a/c too much though. I can't stand the dim wits around here who have their window unit blasting when it's only 75 degrees out!! What a waste of energy AND they're just blowing more hot air into MY apartment. So far we've only used ours two days the whole summer. And I'm thinking tomorrow will be day number 3 :)

When it's really muggy and warm, the cats lounge around, draped across the apartment as if they would melt in a liquid pool of kitty at any given moment. Here's my sweet Monkey in the spot light.

On Sunday night it was a little cooler. We went for a short stroll and I convinced Steve that we should take a leisurely ride through the neighborhood on the motorcycle, since it had not been driven in a couple of weeks. This is our cute little bike - a Kawasaki KZ550. I love it!

Me in my pink motorcycle jacket and my motorcycle helmet..... or is it a space helmet???
muah ha ha ha ha... I sort of look like that little martian dude from the Flintstones. Wasn't there a little martian dude in the Flintstones or am I crazy?


Cat said...

I think you're crazy. haha! No, I think there might've been an episode where martians visit. MMmmmmmm...... those Sundays look good....

Craig said...

I found this blog post because I just bought a full face helmet and a co-worker asked if I looked like "that martian from the Flintstones." I didn't remember there being a martian so I googled.

Funny. BTW, the Martian's name is Gazoo.