Monday, November 19, 2007

thinking of you

Danica Radtke
April 10, 1985 - Nov 19, 2006
Thinking of you today one year from your passing. Missing your sweet smile and all of your funny jokes. I am blessed in this lifetime to have known you, such a vibrant soul.
Beautiful Danica, I pray you are at peace.


Tom said...

Hi Sarah,
Tom Radtke here, saw your posting and cheked it out. Thanks for your email of rembrances and this cite, I'm glad you connected with her during that time. I'm sure it made her life easier and enriched as you were a person from Albion that she kept track of. She had her difficulties making progress in some areas of life, but with the help of her friends, family and some time she would have worked out the issues and gone on to a rewarding life. I always told her that my #1 goal for her was her happiness, whether she ended up a brain surgeon or book store clerk. She died loved and connected, though way too early, thanks again, Tom

Anonymous said...

sarah, thank you for posting the heartfelt tribute to my daughter on your blog. my sense of loss is enourmous and it is truly comforting to see caring words from her friends, and that she is not forgotten. i'm gratefull she connected with such a lovely person as you. warmest regards, rose,danica's mom

Anonymous said...

Wow... every couple of months or so I google Danica's name.. I'm not sure why I haven't seen this before. My name is Nicole.. I'm a childhood friend of Danica's. I absolutely love that picture... I never knew she had her hair like that... she looks beautiful. I don't why I'm writing.. I saw that her parents had posted sometime ago and thought maybe they look at this page sometimes. I thought they should know that I think about her every day. Some thoughts are sad, some are funny memories.. sometimes I'm telling someone a story or introducing someone to a band.. and then I remember that my story happened when I was with Danica, or she introduced me to the band. I just wanted to say that knowing Danica had a profound effect on me and every single day I think of something else I wish I had told her. Your daugther is amazing.. and also, you are both in a lot of my favorite Danica memories, as well as Melanie and Lauren. I hope you're all doing well. (If you ever read this)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole, thanks for your warm remembrances of when you were one of the 3 "Goggle-eyed dweebs" with Danica and Daniel B. She had such fun with you girls, send your email address to me at and I'll forward it to Mel and Lauren. Tom Radtke