Monday, November 5, 2007

Pop Quiz

This photo represents a part of my first day at work. Is this:

a.) Me, yawning, exhausted from the time change.

b.) Me performing an operetta as an expression of my joy and gratitude for this new job.

c.) Singer with a Glove by Degas

d.) Me expressing my frustrations to the woman in HR... and maybe, just maybe, I'm making that gesture where my hand comes out backwards from under my chin. (Is that an Italian thing?)

e.) All of the above

So yeah, the first day was "no big whoop". Maybe I did feel a little bit like ant in an ant farm. Maybe I liked the feeling. Except I didn't like the part where I came home in the dark. That was no fun. But I DID like the part where I waited for Steve and we rode two trains and a bus home together! AND he changed his schedule so that we start and stop at the same time everyday so we ALWAYS ride two trains and bus together.... isn't that sweet???? He told his supervisor that he didn't want me to come home and have to start cooking dinner without him every day. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

I had a fantastic four day weekend. George and Mary came to visit us, mostly to take the motorcycle back to Cinci for some work, but they also agreed to spend some time with us. But only if we played Wii, they said!

Steve is coaching them in tennis

In addition to all the Wii, we had a fake Thanksgiving potluck for Julie's bday! YUM. We were all in pain for the rest of the evening. That's how good it was. Everything was delicious. I should have photo'd the 10 lb chocolate pie.

George and I set up a website for him to post all kinds of family history info and details of their trip to Greece (who knows, maybe we'll actually get to go someday!) Nothing is really on there yet....

And on Sunday, Steve and I walked in the park. How nice.

Recently, Monkey and I had a photoshoot - *I* took pictures of *her*, not vice versa. She couldn't figure out how to work the camera.... something about thumbs.

Anyway, if you want to see more cute photos of my beautiful Monkey (and I know you ALL do) go to my Picasa web album.


josh and annie said...

Yay for a real job! And for getting to share transportation time!

Cat said...

That is so cute of Steve!! He's a great Shmeeven!

And cute pictures of the kitties. I miss you guys!