Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sweet Thunder's Successor - The Rise of the Antelope

Speaking of ice cream and what-not.... Sarah has been indulging a little too much these days. So, to counter act that, and also to save $$$ I started riding my bike to work this week! It's about 5 miles one way so I'm getting about 10 miles of riding in each day. AND I save $4 every day that I ride. It's amazing.

So this is me with THE bike. It's actually Steve's bike, and was his dad's bike before that. This is the Antelope - descendant of Sweet Thunder. I feel like one of those cool bike people, as you can see from the photo.

I have noticed a few extra spider veins on my legs, but oh well.

I just went for a bike ride with Melissa. We stopped at the Fireside Lounge for a snack ;) Maybe I'll review them on Yelp.

Steve was gone for the weekend visiting his brother in Columbus. I had plenty of Sarah time involving watching Romancing the Stone and sewing in front of the televsion. But it did NOT involve ice cream and I'm very proud of that fact.

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Cat said...

I miss you Sossy! I'll see you in two weeks. Yay! But I'm sad that you're not coming to TN with us. But when we do come and visit, my purse needs a major tune-up. And cute dress!