Saturday, April 2, 2011

30 recap

I had a great birthday weekend (last weekend). Probably the best in several years, mainly because it did not snow or rain or any combination of the two and I was not sick. The weather was cold, but it was bright and sunny and there were very few clouds in that big blue sky. It went a little something like this.

- ordered take out from Pita Kabab for dinner with some dear friends.
- they brought me Taste of Heaven cupcakes *yum*

- had a dutch pancake breakfast with Jasmine.
- purchased Neil Young tickets for next month *yay*
- made this for lunch
- ate a cupcake
- snuggled with cats & hubby and watched a movie
- had a lovely candlelight dinner at Uncommon Ground with some wonderful people and drinks afterward at Cunneen's on Devon. had a great time but wasn't a completely wild party animal, which was fine.

Sunday (birthday)
- slept in.
- made myself 2 fried eggs AND oatmeal for breakfast.
- phone calls from my family.
- went shopping at Old Orchard and got some treats for myself at anthropologie and Aveda.
- took a 2 hour nap.
- bibim bap for dinner at Solga with hubby

I also received many unexpected gifts including jewelery, gardening supplies, a flowering cactus, more camping supplies, more cupcakes, and a beautiful copy of a rare book The Encyclopedia of Needlework by Th de Dillmont (see photo above). I haven't been able to look through the entire thing yet, but I did notice an unfamiliar cast-on method in the knitting section using 3 strands of yarn. The best card that came in the mail this year was from Aunt Kathy and Aunt Dar, along with some drawings I had made for Dar at age 6.

So far, 30 has been pretty nice.

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