Thursday, December 2, 2010


First order of business in the new life of me blogging again - WISHLISTS. This is a very important matter. So lets get right down to it, shall we?

Just in case you're wondering what I want for Christmas (Moms and Dads, take note). Or you're a friend or family member who insists on purchasing a housewarming/belated wedding gift for us *batts eyelashes and smiles*. This post is for you.

Here are two want(er, wish)lists I've compiled containing mostly things that we need. Because everyone needs to go camping. And everyone needs to make ice cream. And everyone needs to listen to christmas music..... or at least I know I do.

Crate & Barrel List (essentially, this is the wedding registry updated)

Amazon List

As far as the camping equipment goes, I don't necessarily need the exact items on the list, so if you think you know what's more appropriate that's fine with me!

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