Sunday, January 20, 2008


Maybe it's a little late in the year to be posting my resolutions. I promise you I have been working diligently on them.... I just want to write them down and make them known.

First on the list is the same as everyone else - lose weight! I'm finally doing something about it. I'm not saying I'm a sumo wrestler or anything, but it would be nice to lose this spare tire and look good in a bathing suit again. So I started watching everything I eat and have made some modifications. I guess I didn't realize that I was pigging out every day and eating sweets every day. For the past 2 weeks I have been eating very sensibly and I'm staying active. I'm doing yoga again... that 90 minute session yesterday kicked my ass. I can hardly lift my arm today!

As soon as it starts getting warmer out (unlike this weekend with a high of 10 degrees) I will be able to do more cardio type of activities.... walking and RIDING MY BIKE!

Second resolution is to take better care of myself and my pets. I went to my new doctor this week and, despite questioning my attachment to Monkey and Elvis (possible allergen), she is great! I think she'll be realistic and be able to work with me and my lifestyle... and by liftstyle I'm referring to a world I share with the animals I've made commitments to. Next step is a visit to the allergy specialist.

Monkey and Elvis also went to see their doctor this week. They are both fine except for the phantom peeing in the chair in the middle of the night. We are working on that. This is the fourth time in one month! Just when I feel I have gotten rid of the smell, which takes days and even weeks of spraying with an expensive solution, someone does it again. I'm not sure if I really like the vet we go to. They seem mediocre. Not good enough for my babies.

Third resolution: Become more obsessed with knitting. This will include embarking on more challenging projects.... several things going on at once.... I think I'm well on my way. I started listening to a knitting podcast that I really like. It's called "Cast On". I had never listened to a podcast before.... and I knew there were many on my favorite topic. It's a whole nother world, the podcasting world. I feel as if I'm diving deeper and deeper into crazy-knit-lady-ness. My friends laugh at me but they NO IDEA that I am just floating on the surface of the knitting-e-sphere. I'm making up words here.... More on knitting later. (Just one more thing: I started teaching my first formal knitting class this month and things are going great!)

Fourth resolution: Play music! I would like to find some ensemble to play with. My saxophone is sitting here collecting dust. I know my embochure is out of whack, but the goal would be to improve whilst having fun. Ideally it would be something community oriented. Some sort of wind ensemble. A swing/jazz/big band would be REALLY FUN.


Anonymous said...

Great Resolutions!

Mine are to eat more veggies and get involved in the community. I'd like to do more knitting too. I do NOT think you are a crazy knit lady!

love, Chrissy

Cat said...

That would be so cool if you joined an ensemble! I will HAVE to come and hear you when you do. And see you play that sax! It's so beautiful. Love you Sossy!

Lacey said...

I want to be a knit-a-holic like you, Sarahbee! I'm learning cables and I love it! But I still have to finish my socks from last year...

Consuelo LaBamba said...

Okay girlie...first, you look great! Don't really need to lose weight but I've been there so I get it. Congrats on the lb's lost so far. Second, the minute we can bike ride, I'm there!!! We just now need to keep up the ice skating until it warms up!