Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Dreaming

I know this is a little late to be posting since I am celebrating christmas with my mom and dad this weekend.... but I thought it would be fun to post my wishlist.

- needle holders for straight, circ, and dpn knitting needles. I like these ones:

- patagonia jacket - I have been wanting one of these for a long time, but have been too poor.
I like the following
W's Free Box Jacket in Spiderline:Poppy Fields size Medium
W's Retro-X Jacket in Pale Blossom size Medium
W's Synchilla Windzone Jacket in Teakwood size Medium I like this one the best!

- juicer/citrus reamer
- ice cream ball: it's a ball that you roll around and make ice cream in
- headphones: Bose like these or something else that's nice... maybe the kind that go around the back of the ear to stay secure
- a better radio and/or cd player for my kitchen (I currently have an alarm clock that was $4.99 at Target)
- dust buster: not a crappy one... I just threw that one out
- bigger computer monitor

I also have an Amazon Wishlist - click here

I would also love contributions for the following items:
- external hard drive
- bed
- tv (we already bought this and are paying it off)

These are good too:
- Target gift card
- Best Buy gift card (probably where I would buy a hard drive and/or monitor)

Okay now it's time to wrap the gifts I bought for OTHER PEOPLE including parents, sibling (because I only have one - who will be 20 yrs old on Monday - sister), and other loved ones, and pack my clothes so we can hit the road!!!


josh and annie said...

If you don't get your patagonia coat for Christmas, I recommend watching the sales at I got a Mountain hardwear fleece jacket for 60% off. Also, Patagonia has a big sale I think every fall...

Love, annie :)

Barb said...

Something you might find interesting

dude said...

you should write more about your co-workers. i hear that they are very cool people.